National Blog Posting Month on BlogHer: Okay, I’m in

I forgot my blog birthday. Again.

I didn’t write about our third anniversary.

It took me a month to opine about flying completely solo for the first time.

I still haven’t posted photos from the Reno Air Races, or shared my love of the public library, or talked about my favorite baby on the planet (I’m looking at you, Satyana), or squealed in words that our family is welcoming the very first grandkid in a few months (Ahhhh!!).

Although I’m averaging one post per week, I’ve been feeling blogger guilt about my less-consistent-than-year’s-past record. Okay, okay, so I wrote a dissertation, started learning how to fly and jumped into two new-ish jobs this year. There’s legitimate excuses brewing in my brain, but it doesn’t stop the guilt or constant itch to be writing.

All this is to say, I’m joining the National Blog Posting Month crowd and endeavor–in the busiest month of my year, mind you–to write every single day. I do, however, refuse to use the abbreviation “NaBloPoMo” very often because it sounds ridiculous. Ahem.

Expect a few really insightful things, several yummy recipes, and a fair bit of crazy. In the next few weeks, I have two big trips, three major writing deadlines, one busy conference and an on-campus job interview. Not to mention the usual holiday madness. Fun times!

Any special requests?!


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