Thursday 13: Summer 2011 photo snapshot

The other day I was out in my garden, watering this, trimming that, swearing at the incessant worms that are still decimating my basil. Then a crunchy oak leaf fluttered down onto my path. Although the temperature felt a sizzly 95, I sensed a shift. A subtle changing of the season. A small signal that Fall is on its way. Before I know it, it will be pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters and, squee, Christmas!! Until then, a quick photo snapshot of the summer for this Thursday 13.

1. Tim’s new audio toy. Away went my very first piece of audio equipment, a NAD integrated amp that had given up the ghost. Happily my little sub and Gallo tulip speakers are still humming along.

Check out those tubes.

2. Garden (de)light. Although no bumper crops this year, unless you count caterpillars, Project Green Thumbs Season III has been very successful.

My favorites: Tomatoes and basil. Sigh.

 3. White trash grilling. Grilling has historically been a dicey endeavor at our house. With no real backyard to speak of, all of our BBQing has taken place on the only hard (read: non-flammable) surface we own… the driveway. Classy. So one weekend I “built” a deck in the back-40, basically playing tetris with some leftover bricks. Et voila:

Since I didn’t quite get the concept of leveling when “building” the deck, the BBQ slanted. Not to be thwarted in my grilling adventure, I righted it with some random pieces of concrete. Special, don’t you think?
I *may* be grilling everything. Burgers, dogs, chicken, veggies, grasshoppers. (Really, a grasshopper crawled in the grill and wouldn’t leave. I gave him ample opportunity to skedaddle for the record.)
Delicious marinade recipe: Dijon mustard, cider vinegar, olive oil, thyme, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, chopped garlic.

4. Cactus Land Season III. In late August I started my third year as a doctoral student at Arizona State University. This time, however, I got to do it as a California resident. I commute to school once a week–first flight in, last flight home. It makes for a long day, but living with my husband is totally worth the hassle.

I brought my favorite part of the desert home with me!

 5. Goliath’s steak attack.

Longing. Have you ever seen a more pathetic face?
Come ON.
Part of the fun was that he’s a chicken and wouldn’t cross the “great divide” (aka the space between our laps) to grab his bite.
Happy pooch.

 6. Generations. Enjoyed a visit from out-of-down Olsons.

From the back left, clockwise: Uncle Harry, Lug, Uncle Rick and Uncle Eric John

 7. New “friends.”

I totally stalk my hummingbird feeder. It’s the truth.

 8. Treeeeeees. And nosy-rosy neighbors. (Grrrr.)

If one more neighbor comments on my lawn, my trees or my approach to gardening, I may lose my mind. (See here.)

 9. Pretending to be fashionable. Made a concerted effort to go shopping for the first time in several years. My favorite splurge? This $7 dress, originally $75! (I love a good sale, don’t you?)

Hair accessory compliments of my dear friend Heather. Gotta find new ways to do the do!

 10. Hedgehogs. It began with this Boogie Boogie Hedgehog video, and then it became my new ring tone, and then a hedgehog appeared in the house. Although I don’t get to have a real one, watching Goliath with his new favorite toy is amusing.

Goliath completely abandoned his life-long favorite hippo for this hog. I think it’s serious.
A smiley dog.
Love. Thank you Sue for the present!
My theory on why he likes it: It’s light enough that he can carry it without front teeth. Poor toothless pooch! The four, count ’em four, squeakers also help.

11. Wall-o-hash. In case you need a lifetime’s supply of corned beef hash, Costco has it in stock.

I snapped this for my sister. A little reminder of our childhood.

12. Ridiculousness. Christmas ornaments in August? Costco, that’s just plain insanity. I don’t get into the Christmas spirit until at least September 10th. Sheesh.

13. Very big rocks. Went to the rock store. Did you know they have those?

That’s what 550 pounds of stone looks like.
“Head size” red lava rock to line my new tree beds.


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