The Daily Pixel: A fast week in February

Last week buzzed by. I defended my dissertation proposal, submitted a fellowship application, visited with friends, consulted with students, ate lots of fried celebration foods, enjoyed one supremely tasty donut, and did not blog one bit! I kept up with my photos for the most part though. Proof:

#32- February 1, 2012
Oops. (I did say “for the most part”)

#33- February 2, 2012

Last week I spent five days in the desert. The sunny, gorgeous winter desert. This fine specimen lives at ASU.

#34- February 3, 2012

The other day, my ladies and I were outside enjoying the 70-degree Arizona sunshine and the Casey Moore’s cheese sticks when we looked up. We gazed skyward and scoped Colonel Sanders watching over us. Huh? Has he always been there?

#35- February 4, 2012

Dissertation proposal approval celebration: Spicy garlic saffron shrimp, savory rice, perfect asparagus and sweet steamed carrots.

#36- February 5, 2012

Mr. T and I have a habit of “cleaning” our desks by offloading paperwork onto the other person. In the pile I inherited from T this weekend, I found these “logos” I made a couple years ago when we took some friends flying to Vegas. Our fabulous tag lines: “All the liquids and gels you can carry”; “Bring on the sharp objects”; and “Luxury. Convenience. Sexy Stews.” I love it!

#37- February 6, 2012

This week I noticed my camellia is heavy with blossoms. Did know the camellia is the official flower of Sacramento?


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