The Daily Pixel: A blink and a week

My favorite and least favorite thing about life right now is flying to Phoenix every Wednesday. I love it because I get to enjoy face-to-face interaction with my friends, colleagues, and mentor. I appreciate getting out of the house as a primarily stay-at-home worker. And I adore teaching.

But the getting up at 4 a.m. thing? Lame. The flying hither and yon with the masses? Tiring. The forgetting where I am and where I’m supposed to be next business? Bothersome. Transitioning between spaces–home desk and school desk, home bed and friend’s bed/couch–is startlingly difficult as by the time I get settled in one locale, it’s time to go back to the other.

So this week, I’m somewhat chagrined and delighted to be at home on a Wednesday. Chagrined because it’s a colossal mistake that’s kept me here–I double booked flights last week and purchased none for this week. Instead of shelling out $650 for a last minute flight to Phoenix, I figured out how to stay home. (Thanks to my BFF for proctoring my students’ exam!) And I’m delighted because, well, the day didn’t start at the crack of dawn.

With a few extra hours at my disposal, I clicked through this week’s snaps. See…

#68- March 8, 2012- Lovely lights

Arrived at campus around 6:45 a.m. (UGH) to see the Herberger Institute light installation all alight. So pretty!

#69- March 9, 2012- Snow peas!

Came home to find giant snow peas waiting and sweet pea vines taking over the garden.

#70- March 10, 2012- Eating up the grass

Since I don’t do things by halves, I’ve kicked off a new landscaping project. Originally I thought to put a flowerbed around our mailbox (not pictured, to the right) and somehow that morphed into two giant beds for perennials and ornamental grasses. I blame our fabulous neighbors and friends, Dan and Heather, for the idea.

#71- March 11, 2012- A dog’s life

Goliath’s during-breakfast-banishment expression reads: “Sigh. I have no sausage.”

#72- March 12, 2012- Spring in Sacramento

Early Spring in Sacramento, aka the day before the giant rainstorm and mother nature’s last ditch effort at winter.

#73- March 13, 2012- What a difference some paint makes

After perusing my “30 before 30” goal list recently, I realized that I have just three months to pick a bedroom paint color (after having it on my to-do list for years). This photo isn’t doing the tones justice, of course, but I’m leaning towards the bottom hue for the walls, and the top hue for the stepped ceiling. (Don’t worry, I assure you you’ll hear more about this project soon.)

#74- March 14, 2012- My very own Angry Bird

Meet Ojabwa! My dear friends Geeta and Max brought him into my life to keep an eye on things. My favorite part is that Goliath seems both intrigued and terrified of the creature.


#67- Artistic expression at ASU
#60-66- Out and About
#59- Betty the Ewok pug
#58- Saucer Magnolia in Spring finery
#57- The most amusing Oscar pool ever

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