Braceface Chronicles: Mid-course corrections and tooth nub removal

Over the past 10 months of wearing Invisalign braces, I’ve eagerly awaited The End. According to my crackulations, I expected to be braces-free by the big 3-0 next month. Only… my top teeth have refused to cooperate fully and according to Monsieur Dentist, I am in for a “mid-course correction” to get things all straightened out.

Sounded easy enough. Take impressions for new trays. Extend my treatment by a month or two. No big deal. Well, I didn’t realize the process would include tooth nub removal. And I sure didn’t realize that tooth nub removal would be the worst part of Invisalign.

I used to think teeth shaving (aka interproximal reduction) would be the most unpleasant aspect of this braces business. But no, removing the “buttons” (I call them nubs) that were affixed on the first day of treatment to turn my most crooked teeth… that was by far the ickiest experience of this process. Drilling and grinding and water flying everywhere… For a dentist-phobe who despises even teeth cleaning… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Of course, to be fair, the button removal only took 10 minutes. I’m just whiny because I know I will have to have them applied and removed again next month. Ah well.

So if you’re considering Invisalign, do note that “mid-course corrections” and patience* are part of the game.


*And we all know how good I am at patience. Hrm.

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