The Daily Pixel: Sweet September

What birthday would be complete without
a singing hamburger card, really? I’ve listened
to it at least a dozen times.

Mr. T normally takes his birthday off from work. But what with all of his air show performances and general flying fabulousness, he decided to grace the office with his presence this past Monday.

To me, that meant Mission: Make Birthday Special.

And I think, perhaps, I did. With custom made coffee mugs (cheesy, but cute!), several cards (see left), birthday sushi!, and a tasty homemade dinner (since the Melting Pot decided to be closed for a meeting this week, grrr), I do believe T had a nice day.

Of course, T’s bday is but one of the September festivities. Is it just me or were tons of parents getting busy over the holidays? In my family and close friend group, there are 12 birthdays this month and I’m probably forgetting a couple.

Birthdays plus weddings and airshows? It’s hoppin’ around these parts, not to mention dissertations and job hunting (more on that later). The good news? Despite the crazy event-laden calendar, I feel quite blessed to spend time with family and friends, work on projects that I find meaningful, and of course, eat a dozen slices of birthday cake. Mmmhmm.

#245- Sep 1- Oops!

I had to include the hamburger card because I didn’t want this post to show up with no image available since I couldn’t be bothered to snap a shot on the first day of the month. Grrr!

#246- Sep 2- Someone’s lacking photography inspiration

Artistic merit? No. Interesting composition? No. A quick text message hey-they-have-baskets-at-Cost Plus-to a friend? Yes. At least I didn’t forget a picture two days in a row!

#247- Sep 3- Long weekends are for yard work apparently

Over Labor Day weekend, Mr. T and pounded in bender board (finally!), and I painted our bare wood mailbox post before adding a few more blooms. Pictured are some new mums for Fall, and at the top of the bed, snapdragons!

#248- Sep 4- Snapdragons make me happy

Are there happier flowers? I don’t know. I can’t wait to see this riot of color grow tall. I planted a small pallet of snaps in the garden. Should keep the dreary winter colorful at any rate.

#249- Sep 5- Sunrise flying

On my less-than-frequent-hooray! trip to Phoenix.

#250- Sep 6- The mother of all nachos

If you find yourself in Tempe, trot over to Four Peaks Brewery and order the blackened chicken nachos. It feeds three or four easily! Warning: It’s habit forming.

#251- Sep 7- The big red phone

Passing through security, I stopped to chat with one of the officers and I noticed the big red phone with no buttons. I’m dying to know what it’s for.

#252- Sep 8- West Coast Ravens at the California Capital Airshow!

Mr. T led the West Coast Ravens team in a 16-ship formation. To see more photos, click here.

#253- Sep 9- Heritage flight

The F-16 and P-38 Lightning.

#254- Sep 10- Shopping in the 21st century

Who needs a shopping pal when you can text message photos for approval?

#255- Sep 11- Happy birthday Marm!

Marm turned 43 three again this month!

#256- Sep 12- Is Showtime sponsoring cutlery lately?

I chuckled out loud in the store. Please tell me you get it.

#257- Sep 13- Beautiful vista for a wedding reception!

Preparing for wedding festivities at the former Weibel Winery in Hopland.

#258- Sep 14- Enjoying a pig-free rehearsal

In the week leading up to my friend’s wedding, wild pigs decided to root around the grass. NO GOOD! At least one of the pigs ended up being roasted, I kid you not.

#259- Sep 15- Congratulations Shannon and Simeon!

I will forever think of you two when I hear this song. Love you!!

#260- Sep 16- All weddings need a photo booth

For the guestbook, Shan and Sim asked people to take photos (with props!) and glue them into an album. So fun!

#261- Sep 17- The birthday sushi attack stance

Nothing says happy birthday like raw fish bits.

#262- Sep 18- Shiny hubcaps and minor miracles

Who knew the Corolla could be so shiny!

#263- Sep 19- The best. mug. ever.

Brenda Lynn sent the best birthday mug to Mr. T!


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