And the winner is…

I only rarely forget pants. Just FYI.

Ever get that nagging feeling, like you’ve forgotten to do something?

That something’s been bugging me all week long.
Did I forget to clean the house? I’m always “forgetting” to clean the house.
Did I forget to go to the gym? Forget is an awfully kind word in this context.
Did I forget to take down the Christmas decorations? It’s not February yet, is it?
No, I forgot to announce the winner of my Readership Survey gift card!
First, of course, a bit of a recap:
  • Number of survey respondents: 43. THANK YOU! (Well maybe we should say 42 since one respondent seemed to think The Blue Muse is a restaurant with really good appetizers.)
  • Reader profile: If the 43 folks represent the readership, then my average reader is just as likely to identify as female or male, and most likely to be married or partnered (although I liked the “pending” status one person shared). Age range? 20 to 232, apparently.
  • Popular post topics: Opinions/rants, personal life/marriage, and cooking, in that order. Runners up? Travel, photography, and shocker, academics.
  • Inquiring minds want more: Opinions/rants, photography, and travel. I’m on it!
  • A critique that caught my eye: “Not enough dog photos. Not even any photos of dogs in planes.” I’ll have to remedy that, the first part anyway. Goliath, hold still!
  • A suggestion I’m seriously considering: A format revamp. (That’d be a post-dissertation project!)
  • A puzzling suggestion: Specializing. One person commented “I think you’d get more traffic if you were more ‘niche’ and/or more controversial.” ‘Tis the truth. The Blue Muse isn’t a “cooking blog” or a “travel blog” or an “academic blog.” Right now it’s a Shawna blog and how do you categorize that?? The trouble is, I’m not sure where I would focus. I would eventually like to fix things up so that people could subscribe to the posts (cooking, photography, aviation, whatever) that they were most interested in. But I have no idea how to do that (yet)! On being more controversial… Wait and see! (ha)

Now, onto the winner!

After a super scientific randomization process i.e., putting the list of names into a randomizer, I’m jazzed to report that the gift card winner is the 232-year-old reader, Corey. (Corey, do be in touch about which gift card (Amazon or Starbucks) you would like!)
Again, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! If you have any more questions or suggestions, do leave a comment or drop me a line (bluestmuse(at)gmail(dot)com).

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