Readership survey closes today- Last chance to win!

After my dentist diagnosed what he called a “crazy rare” class six cavity
(whatever that means), I felt a lot like Ambrose here. Photo credit.

Happy Friday! Hope your New Year is off to a brilliant start. Yours truly has endured two protracted dentist appointments this week–although thankfully I evaded a root canal–so I’m hopeful things will start improving soon.

Big thanks to everyone who’s taken the Super Short Readership Survey so far. Your questions are engaging and I’ve got lots of good ideas percolating (for when I get my first dissertation draft completed, ahem). I so appreciate your feedback! Please keep the questions, comments and suggestions coming.

Haven’t had a chance to take the survey yet? If you have five minutes and want to enter to win a $15 gift card to either Amazon or Starbucks, please consider taking the survey by clicking here. The winner will be announced tomorrow.



P/S After you take the survey, check out this cool photography of a polar bear attack. The photographer shot from inside a perspex cage and don’t worry, no one was hurt.

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