Readership Survey: Giveaway extension and some Q & A

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Big thanks to those of you who have taken my Super Short Readership Survey! I neglected to factor the holiday in my planning, so the survey link will stay open until Friday. So if you haven’t had a chance to share your thoughts and you’d like to enter the drawing for a $15 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks… click here.

In the mean time, I thought I’d answer questions that have come up from some fabulous readers…

Q: If an elephant drinks through its trunk, does the water taste like boogers?
A: Elephant boogers are a delicacy, Todd. (I didn’t even have to check the name to know who wrote this question!)

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: For a chance to take this awesome Readership Survey. (Click here to take it!)

Q: How can you afford flying so often between CA and AZ? And all the other places?
A: Good question. Sadly, I do not have any inside deals with Southwest. As a doctoral student at Arizona State University, I was fortunate to have an assistantship which basically meant that in exchange for work (either teaching or research), my tuition was covered and I received a small salary. All of my paychecks went towards flights! Also, in advance of starting school at ASU, I applied for a Southwest credit card and started using it for all of my purchases in order to accumulate rewards points faster. Research trips are often partly funded through university travel grants (thank you, ASU!).

Q: What is the craziest question you got asked on this quiz?
A: So far, the elephant boogers question.

Q: How do you find the time to blog? How long does it take you?
A: Short answer- I make time because writing makes me happy. Of course, when I’m on deadline for a school project or traveling a lot, I tend to blog less. I would guess that posts take between 60-90 minutes to write, depending on the topic and number of photos to edit. I find that I’ll start a post and then add to it here or there for a few days before publishing it, that way posting doesn’t take up a huge chunk of my day.

 Q: Do you still use your Body Bugg?
A: Ha! Mr. T just asked me the very same question as he was working on my computer the other day. No, I don’t but I should! I found the Body Bugg a really effective reminder of my fitness goals and I really liked how it encouraged me to keep track of food and movement. I really like keeping track of my progress, especially my number of steps and calories burned. Unfortunately, I have a second generation bug without wireless capabilities. After I got out of the habit of using it, I now find it really cumbersome/annoying to plug in and deal with on a daily basis. I think the newer versions are easier to use now and if I were in a better financial position, I might consider upgrading.

Q: Are you considering a job that takes you away from your home and Tim?
A: I will consider any job at this point but after two years living in a different state than T, no, I don’t think I could take a job that requires a permanent new address. (Turns out, I really like the guy!) That said, I’m not opposed to lots of travel.

Q: How do you manage to stay motivated to exercise?
A: Ooo, great question. It’s an uphill battle some days (especially these freezing ones!) but I’ve got a few tricks that help me:

  1. Vanity and thriftiness. When my clothes get tight, I feel compelled to trim down instead of buying new ones. Also, I have wedding photos strategically located throughout the house. I was in peak condition then and some days, the photos serve as motivation to get my buns back to the gym.
  2. Making exercise FUN so it doesn’t seem like work. For instance, my favorite cardio is Zumba because it feels more like dancing than exercise. I do an occasional weight class (which feels like eating vegetables, bo-ring but healthy) but I mostly avoid exercise that is as engaging as watching paint dry.
  3. Staying connected with fit people. I have several Facebook friends who run marathons (something I will never aspire to, FYI!). Even though I detest running, seeing their posts about miles down or accomplishments keeps exercise “top of mind” for me. Also, I keep up with a couple fitness instructors online and every so often I see their tips and health articles.
  4. I let everything count as exercise. Gardening, extending housework, walking the dog, 5 minute dance attacks… it’s all movement. So long as I’m doing something everyday, I consider it good.
  5. Making exercise a habit so I don’t have to think about it. Basically, I try to make it as easy as possible exercise… good shoes, clean clothes ready, a routine. More on that here.

More questions? Leave a comment, take the survey or shoot me an email: bluestmuse(at)gmail(dot)com.


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