I ate a snail and I liked it. Making friends and trying molluscs.

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Before heading up to Reno, I spent a few minutes poking around my front yard flower bed. I checked on the itty bitty ranunculus shoots and assessed the results of Slug War 2013’s first skirmish. With admitted satisfaction, I noted a nice fat snail slurping up bait.

Little did I know I’d be eating his cousin in just a few hours.


Nestled in a booth at one of our favorite special occasion restaurants, Mr. T and I nibbled dutch crunch, reminiscing about the years we’ve trekked to Harrah’s Steakhouse. It seemed strange to be there on a post-Valentine’s Sunday night and not during the Reno Air Races. (Sigh.)

As we tucked into the soup course, we noticed other couples recounting how many years they, too, had come back to Harrah’s. And from the looks of it, requested Head Waiter Ali’s section as well. For me and T? Eight years. The couple across from us? Twenty five! T overheard them ordering escargot and asked if I would deign to order it on our 25th year. HA! You’ve seen me and slimy foods (e.g. oysters), right? Not. A. Chance.

So what does my social butterfly husband do? He strikes up a conversation with the couple who we learn hail from north of Portland and are headed down to winter in Arizona. Apparently they always order the escargot. And apparently I made too many “OMG gross!” faces because they requested that the second in command waiter “send one over to the young lady across the way.”

“Very good” was his reply as he scooped a snail onto a little plate and presented it to me.

I looked down at the shriveled green gastropod and gulped. (Yes, I had the obligatory Pretty Woman flashback. Thank the good Lord, the snail had been shucked.)

Turns out snails drowned in butter and garlic sauce taste FAN-TASTIC. The texture reminds me of squid–a little chewy and not slimy at all. Will I order a plate for myself? Probably not. But I’m definitely not afraid of them anymore!

Here’s to trying new things, even against your will.

What’s the strangest food you’ve sampled lately?


P.S. I must admit, it was really neat to make new “single-serving” friends.

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