Flashback Friday #2

With all of this week’s sad things (see here, here, and here for just a few examples), I’ve been trying to limit my exposure to traumatic images since I have a tendency to ruminate. Instead, I’ve been contemplating life, praying a bit, and spending time with folks I love. This morning, I also took some time to hop down memory lane and I found some more Flashback funnies to share…

1. The all-black years

Ah, a collage of junior high photos made by a dear friend (Heather??) for our 8th grade graduation. I’ve blocked out  most of those awkward years but I do recall wearing a lot of black and working on my silent treatment techniques. Not exactly glory days.

2. College jobs

Something about college I don’t miss? All of the odd jobs! Resident assistant, newspaper writer, locksmith’s apprentice, fly fishing shop bookkeeper, typist, news anchor… And I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

3. Grandpa had the coolest cars

Show of hands. How many people have hot-rodding grandparents?

4. Surgery monkey

After having hip surgery the summer before senior year, I received this cute fellow from a dear friend in the hospital.

5. Adventists don’t dance

Adventists have banquets! I double dated with Andrea for this jungle-themed thing. Dig my giant high waisted shorts!

6. “Kindergarten” art projects

During my senior year of college, I coped with stress by painting water colors. I hung some of the work in my first office after graduation but took the pictures down after a number of people asked if my “kids” painted them for me. (Sad face.)

7. Miracle finds

The best thing about being a pack rat? Finding a 5-year old  Starbucks card in an old planner. Woot!

8. Fashion forward sisters

These, my friends, were the 80s. Only a strong woman can rock printed shorts, a fanny pack and bangs.

9. Good advice from uncle Eric John

My only consistent pen pal is my uncle Eric John.

10. Someone’s excited

SUPER excited to receive my diploma from Dr. Ginger Ketting-Weller at Walla Walla College.


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