Flashback Friday #3

Garage cleaning continues! A few more Flashback Friday gems for you…

1. One dedicated journalism student

Senior year, apparently just a few weeks before graduation from Walla Walla College, I was finishing up a journalism class on participant observation. One of my exercises? Being left handed. A friend’s father who was a doctor in town agreed to cast me for the experiment. Turns out, wearing a cast on your right hand doesn’t make you left handed, it makes you one handed. Although I had difficulty driving stick, taking a shower, typing, writing and applying mascara, I seriously enjoyed freaking people out by banging my cast on the wall to convince them I wasn’t actually hurt.

2. On my list of failures

I tried once in elementary school and once in college. No surprise that “learn how to play piano” is now on my “lifetime” goal list.

3. Valley of the dolls

Is there a creepier photo on the planet? I think not.

4. I’m your R.A.

During college I worked as a resident assistant for a couple years. My secret to success? Baking and providing copious amounts of sweet things. I’m afraid I really confused  people though by having Jimmy Fallon’s “Chris Rock was my RA” as my voicemail message.

5. A little dear in the headlights

Dig the 70s-80s furniture.

6. Birthday paintings are the best

Eric John makes the best birthday paintings.

7. A perfect moment

Senior year Spring break in Washington D.C. walking to or from a national monument with one of my besties.

8. News anchor Shawna

Another college job? News anchor at Blue Mountain News. My favorite co-anchor, Charlie Drury.

9. First “real” job

What does one do with a 5-year plaque?

10. Things I’ve stolen

I think this pack of music is circa 1998 from girls’ choir.


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