Flashback Friday #1

Who knew finishing my doctorate would mean going back in time? Well, that’s what it feels like tackling an overdue to-do: Diminishing the pile of garage boxes. I may or may not be a terrible pack rat, shuttling along boxes of well, everything, for well, decades. The pile gets smaller every few years, but I still have a lovely collection of letters, school papers, photos, bits of ribbon, small rocks (seriously) and everything in between, from last week to my early days. I’m hoping to reduce the pile by taking photos and well, recycling, donating, or chucking as much as I can. Wish me luck!

In the mean time, and due to popular demand by my dear friend Geeta, a new blog series: Flashback Fridays!

1. Junior year “facebook”

Dear young ones, this is what Facebook used to be… an actual book with little photos and details. Pictured: My Walla Walla College “Mask” profile from Junior year. Codes: Phone number (yikes), high school, room number (whoa), major, hobby, birthday and personal quote.

2. How phone calls in college used to be made

My students always seem astounded when I mention not having a cell phone until my senior year of college. And then I remember kids are getting phones in elementary school now.

3. Easter in the 80s

Dig my metallic dress, yeah?

4. Excellent reading material

I can’t bear to part with my childhood books. Sigh.

5. My first publication

“A is for Apple” by Shawna Malvini, dedicated to my mom, of course.

6. Spelling Bee champ

A 20-year old victory.

7. A souvenir

A memento from a childhood trip to Disneyland.

8. Irony

One of the few library research assignments from my undergrad days. As you can see, I loved it. How on earth did I end up a nerd academic who actually enjoys reading journal articles??

9. My ladies!

Junior or senior year with some of my beautiful ladies.

10. Inspiration

Received this message during the first few weeks of my master’s program when I was feeling stupid and insecure.  It helped!


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