Flashback Friday #4

I would like the record to state that–Christmas decorations aside–my contribution to the Redden family garage mess is now contained in but a few banker boxes. This, my friends, is a miracle that only took, um, the better part of a decade to come about. Whatever.

I just have a hard time parting with treasures (and papers, small rocks, bits of ribbon, terrifying childhood collectibles). Since finishing college, I’ve hauled boxes from one domicile to the next, occasionally whittling down the pile. Now my stack is mostly grad school related… six of eight boxes are filled with journal articles that I envision living in my future office file cabinet somewhere until I host a bonfire. Seriously.

Until then, enjoy some Flashback photos!

1. You know you were born in the 80s…

Cabbage Patch Kids! The creepy thing? After 30 years, his head still smells like baby powder.

2. First ballet shoes

Apparently 9-year-old Shawna said no to the girly pink variety.

3. Cuteness

Cute critter, wasn’t I?

4. See honey, it could be worse

Baby girl grew up to have a seriously messy room. Do note that those dolls JUST went to the Goodwill.

5. My first book proposal

For my senior project, I wrote a book proposal which focused on the various types of people that inhabit coffee shops. (Do you sense a theme in my research? Drink lots of coffee, write about coffee shops; fly every week, study the TSA…) I should really finish that book.

6. Hot rod piggy banks

My grandparents used to send us piggy bank models of their hot rods. Although they’re retired from it, I loved having rod racing grandparents.

7. Surgery is no way to spend the summer

Surgery, I don’t recommend it! Sweet 17 was a difficult year after having a tumor removed from my femur.

8. When best friends write for the student newspaper

Although I’d forgotten, I was the Entertainment Editor of the Union College Clocktower during my freshman year. Heather and I must have been studying non-sequitors in our honors comp class at the time.

9. My first taste of academic rejection

I don’t even recall applying to Columbia, but apparently I did. Given what I know now having received quite a number of rejection letters, I actually do appreciate the hand written note from the admissions director.

10. Marm and me

With my mama at Marina Beach. We lived just a couple-few miles away.


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