To OSH or bust! EAA AirVenture 2013 in photos, part 1

Third time’s a charm, they say. Well, if that references my third trek to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, then I’d say it’s true. During our visit to aviation mecca–the world’s largest fly-in and airshow–we were blessed by safe flying, fantastic weather and wonderful time with friends.

Since this was my first time visiting OSH as a student pilot (see The ultimate long cross-country: Flying to Oshkosh,”  “A student pilot landing at Oshkosh” and “Visiting Oshkosh as a student pilot” for more on that), I spent a good bit of energy deviating from my usual pursuits of donuts and photography. Although I took fewer photos than usual, I wasn’t lugging around four lenses for my health. As proof, here’s the first installment of photos from AirVenture 2013…

Me and Mr. T, or Tank and Tankerbelle, depending upon who’s asking. My long suffering husband jokingly complained about his lack of piloting time as he flew .7 of our 30.7 hour trip. I’m a controls hog apparently!
Wisconsin countryside.
Psyching up for the OSH13 arrival.
Platteville Airport, Wisconsin. Last chance to talk through the NOTAM before landing at OSH13.
Someone concentrating VERY hard on taxiing after landing at Oshkosh for the first time.
First glimpse of OSH 2013, which started off as FrostKosh. The marshal who helped us get parked told me to “go find some real clothes” as my tank and shorts were not going to cut it.
Parking in Vintage.
Deluxe dorm accommodations at the University of Wisconsin.
One of eight forums I attended and very helpful indeed!
Duggy the most friendly DC-3.
Ryan Campbell, an Australian teen who is aiming to set a world record for flying around the world solo, landed right before the Commemorative Air Force B-24 and B-25.
CAF’s Yankee Lady B-17.
CAF’s Helldiver–the only airworthy Curtiss SB2C in the world.
Eating in the Vintage area–Go big or go home.
Perfect airshow watching position. Since we weren’t contending with last year’s scorching temps, we didn’t have to hide under wings this time around.
Yaks in a cluster formation. Can’t see or say Yak without thinking this.
Terrafugia, the flying car! I won’t be lining up to buy one but it was still cool to see.
Relaxing at SOS Brothers. Not pictured: roasted corn or bikini bartenders.
So my precious EAA donuts? The ones I salivate over all year long? NOT THERE THIS YEAR. I appreciate better concessions, but axing the donuts? Insanity. We watched as people flooded the area where the donuts used to be, many of them exclaiming in disbelief and/or calling others to complain. Serious problems, I tell you.
The GP-5, a Sport Class Reno Racer, flown by Lee Behel.
Strange little electric airplanes.
Red Bull helicopter performing aerobatics!
Aeroshell T-6s.
T-34s in formation. EAA switched up the airshow this year. Seemed a ton longer than in past and instead of the warbird showcase starting first, it closed the show. Only ever saw the warbirds as we were walking to dinner. Boo!
Terrafugia flying car–goes 65 on the highway.
Team Aerodynamix formation flying team.
Always good people watching at OSH, especially the excited young ones.
Team Aerodynamix.
Formation flying.
Feathered photobomber! A B-25, P-40, 2 P-51s and a Corsair.
B-25. Can you tell this is one of my favorites this year?
A genuine Japanese Zero. One of only a handful of flying examples.
Simulated dog fighting between the P-40 and the Zero.
Pardon me while I wipe up my lens drool.
P-40 in a dive.
P-51 Mustangs. I’ll take the pair.


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