To OSH or bust! EAA AirVenture 2013 in photos, part 2

Greetings from the desert! Literally, I’m writing from Phoenix today, and also from that desperately dry patch between big aviation events where I’m assured to see warbirds in abundance. The California Capital Airshow livened up Sacramento last weekend (though sadly without yours truly, damn work commitments!). We hit the Reno Air Races a few weeks before that (look forward to pictures one of these days). Before that it was Watsonville Airshow and Fly-in and of course, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh ahead of that. As I’ve got several probably-warbird-free months ahead, I thought I’d reminisce about the Summer fun with lots of photos. Enjoy!

Wandering Warbird Alley. A rawr-ing T-28.
Met some folks with the Commemorative Air Force Devil Dog B-25. The pilot correctly identified me as a chick who needs more tank tops in her life.
And for the price of a Devil Dog tee, I got to tour the bird!
Compared to my typical Cessna view, I just could not fathom driving this sucker. It’s ginormous!
View from inside the B-25 “Devil Dog”
Someday I will hitch a ride in one of these things!
Who knows. Maybe I could learn to fly it! (Mr. T, stop laughing.)
Albatross parked in Warbird Alley at Osh13
Mustangs always make such pretty pictures.
P-40 on display before the airshow.
This B-25 flew in the daily warbird review during the airshow.
This Hellcat was recovered from the depths of Lake Michigan and will hopefully see restoration soon.
Remarkable to see the Hellcat held together by barnacles and lichens.


Ford Tri-Motor! Had a blast flying in this thing on our honeymoon. (Yes, I said honeymoon.)
Camped out under this Beech 18 wing for awhile watching landings at the flight line.
I enjoy wandering the rows and rows of biplanes.
So many of these unique planes trek across the U.S. to visit OSH!
Wing walking. Ugh.
Dusty, the Disney “Planes” crop duster flying around


Taken just a few minutes before they airshow was cut short on account of bad weather.
The only civilian owned Harrier jet.
I cannot properly convey the deafening noise level this sucker produced. Ouch.
Howard 500.
Howard 500.
Wing walking gives me the CREEPS.
I can’t relax during a wing walking routine.
Can you imagine flying upside down on the OUTSIDE of the plane? No thank you!
Julie Clark performing in the Juice Plus T-34.
One of my favorite flights of OSH13- The PBY Catalina!
PBY Catalina, ready for a water landing.
“Jet Man” coming in for landing. Truth be told, his show is a bit boring because flying humans are itty bitty and hard to see.
Our last airshow at OSH13, ending with excellent aerobatics.
We’re going to say it’s my angle that makes them look out of position.

Already counting days until OSH14!


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