A grateful heart: The smell of rain

Today’s Sacramento rain storm even made the rocks pretty. Our new moss
rock boulders came alive with color today.

Loamy? Earthy? Plain miraculous?

Try as I might, I cannot think of how to describe the smell of rain. But you know what I’m talking about right? That distinct odor of imminent precipitation? Maybe it’s all the California pollution getting closer to the ground. Or the earth opening it’s pores in waiting. I can’t be certain, but what I do know is that I felt so, so grateful to recognize the scent this morning.

California is dealing with a state-of-emergency level drought right now and I’ve been actively, irrationally irritated by all the beautiful weather. Blue skies, warm breezes, 75 degree days–in January. That’s Phoenix winter weather. The perpetual sunshine and the hot, dry, dusty summer it portends has had me completely on edge which seems utterly ridiculous what with the entire rest of the country covered in snow.

And then, this morning, some rain. And more this afternoon. And hopefully a lot more tomorrow.

Although it’s not enough yet to make a serious dent in the paltry Sierra snow pack or the desiccated Folsom Lake that supplies my city’s water, it’s a start. And I’m grateful.


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