A grateful heart: Witnessing a first breath

A two-day old baby sleeping on your chest… One of life’s great pleasures
I think. (Especially when you don’t have to change the diapers!)

The first wail. A release of collectively held breaths. The frisson of energy, excitement and new life in the world.

Last week I witnessed my niece take her first breath and I will never forget the honor.

I didn’t mean to be in the room.
Truly, I was blocked in by shoved-back furniture and a cart of midwifery tools during the transition between it-could-be-time and it’s-definitely-time. But I’m so grateful I was there.

I got to see my sis make a real life miracle happen. I watched her partner be an encouraging and inexhaustible support. And I observed the well-coordinated action of health professionals who help produce these miracles day in and day out.

It’s been a few days, but I’m still in awe.

Have you ever seen a baby be born?


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