Rated R fridge art as diet motivation

Oh did you think I was going to show you the goods?

“You’re going to want to remember this,” she said, wielding her beast of a camera as I posed in glittered heels and skimpy something-blue panties in front of wide-eyed bridesmaids.

The this my genius photographer, Beth Baugher, was referring to? My beautifully sculpted arse (thank you, cute trainer dude).

Almost four years later, I am so glad I played along with the mini pre-wedding boudoir shoot as we all got ready for the hitching. Because things aren’t so, um, sculpted lately.

And thus, my semi-annual pants-don’t-fit-woe-is-me post.

The last six months? I haven’t felt like exercising. I’ve cultivated wonderful all-too-long-lasting friendships with butter, cheese, pasta and sugar. I’ve been indulging another year on the academic job market with seratonin-releasing happy carbs to keep the depression at bay. And I for one am delighted to welcome warmer weather that will warrant wearing waist-less dresses again.


But, I’m now back on the health and fitness bandwagon. I’ve been cooking lighter, getting back to zumba, pretending my Juice Plus protein smoothies are milkshakes (Dutch Chocolate does a good impression!).

Despite these good deeds, I’ve still been coping with Oreos and buttered popcorn, and haven’t been able to summon the strength to stop. (Come on, Double Stuff Golden Oreos? Addiction central.)

That is, until I had a brain wave and remembered those tasteful almost-nude black and whites that my fantabulous True Love Photographer shot so many years ago. Now, with one tacked up on the fridge, I’m not thinking about what I have to lose or what I can’t eat–negatively framed goals that research shows are less motivating and harder to achieve. No, I’ve got inspiration. I’m thinking about food in terms of choices and not feelings (although that is damn difficult some days). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Any other good diet motivation tips?


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