Closet shopping as diet motivation?

So many cute college-era skirts hiding in the back of my closet.
At what point are clothes considered vintage?

“Where did that come from?” T asked, eyeing the short white and red striped skirt I was modeling with a raised eyebrow.

“The closet,” I replied in a twirl, intonation staving off any insinuation of off-budget shopping.

I was mid-way through trying on all of the pants and skirts in my closest, confronting a task which I’ve put off for years apparently as T remarked on several items he couldn’t remember seeing before.

From his comments, I realized how few clothes I keep in my regular rotation. Why? Partially the lack of coordinating tops (apparently I like to buy bottoms three times as often as tops), but mostly the snug factor.

I frequently half joke about my pants never fitting, but it’s mostly the truth. Since finishing grad school, I haven’t been able to summon the willpower to hit the gym enough or heaven forbid, diet. As a result, my go-to outfits stopped being comfortable some time ago. (Sad face.)

Consequently, I find myself staring into the depths of a full closet every morning feeling like I have not a damn thing to wear. A big factor? Having no idea what still fits.

So, after a quick try-on (one of my least favorite activities and why I hate clothes shopping, by the way), I sorted clothes into four piles–fits (yay!), will fit in a few pounds (all right), will fit with significant effort (meh), and hey Goodwill!.

Right now, the “fits” pile is wee. I’m hoping that if I arrange my closet by fit-ability, I will be motivated to get into the alllmooost fits pile which is huge by comparison and contains most of my favorite and cutest items. Coupled with Rated R fridge art and my rekindled love affair with zumba, I’m hopeful. (Let’s just pretend the big eating holidays aren’t upcoming, okay?)

Any good motivation tips for me?!


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