#100HappyDays: Sunshine in Seattle

May 23, 2014 Pike Place Market

When I landed in Seattle for the International Communication Association convention, rain spattered the plane window and soon soaked my still-dressed-for-California-heat self.  But after a few hours of conferencing, the dense clouds burned off just in time for some exploring.

Port of Seattle. I have a knack for bringing beautiful weather with me to the Pacific Northwest. So tempting!

After wandering the closed Pike Place Market and nearby waterfront, my friend Amy and I hoofed around the Westlake neighborhood looking for good eats. For more than an hour. Turns out asking random people in shops and on the street for restaurant ideas is not very useful!

Along the way, I ran into a familiar, ahem, literary location before we ended up at a delightful Italian joint.

For those dirty birds who will cop to reading Shades of Grey, the clue is in the lower left corner. HA.

Nothing better than exploring a fun city with friends.

Part of the Albuquerque Ladies’ Night crew.


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