#100HappyDays: Super soaker

Puttering around my front yard tomato pots, I heard Mr. T turn the corner and holler something like, “You’re going to like this…”

Little did I know how much.

Having just cut a coffin-sized hole in the ceiling of our garage, T needed my assistance. I figured it was something along the lines of tool holding or helping heft up the soon-to-be-installed attic ladder.

No. So much better.

He actually requested that I hose him down. Something that would normally get me soaked in retribution.

So with my new water wand, I drenched him, removing the pasty layer of drywall dust, cackling maniacally and confirming how much fun it is to soak one’s spouse without fear.

Well that’s a lie because I could see glimmers of Shawna-soaking contemplation in his eyes, and I truly expected a soggy bear hug at least.

Ah, little things in life.



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