#100HappyDays: The $10,000 tomato

18 ounces of tomato goodness, July 5, 2014.

“Honeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy, LOOK!” I exclaim, holding up a tomato the size of my head. (Well, almost.)

Foisting the red orb at Mr. T, I continue to shout, “18 ounces!” which is a personal record.

Weighing the fruit in his hands, T quips, “That’s about $10,000 worth of tomato right there.”

“AT LEAST,” I reply.

Since I started gardening six years ago, Mr. T has given me mostly good natured grief about plant related expenditures and the ratio of dollars spent to produce harvested. We had what he exaggerated as $500 beets and $100 carrots, and the like. (It wasn’t that bad, I swear.)

After putting in the Back 40 landscaping, it appears my ratios are even more out of whack! The good news? This year’s apparent bumper crop should put things to rights, one thousand dollar tomato at a time. Ha!


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