#100HappyDays: July Christmas craving

One whiff of cinnamon pine cones and I am ready for Christmas! July 3, 2014

When Mr. T said “You should save the trunk for storing something special,” I think he missed the daggers in my glance.

My Christmas decorations ARE special, dammit.

He went on to query if I was going to “consolidate” the Christmas boxes and what I was planning to get rid of.

Are you MAD? Get rid of Christmas decor I have so painstakingly collected over the years?? So I can what, buy more this winter?! Okay! 

My concession to let Christmas go into our new attic storage space was quite enough, I thought. Although as we hefted boxes up the ladder, I got a good whiff of cinnamon pinecones and was sorely tempted to just start setting out decorations. We’re past the halfway point of the year you know, might as well get a jump start, right?


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