Childhood dreams

We made them crowd into the shed, sweltering in the Sacramento summer. It was our “classroom.” And by golly, we had signed binder paper permission slips from their parents which meant that even if we had to chase them, our siblings would comply. For awhile anyway.

Getting them to do their homework was another story entirely.

Welcome to my childhood dream.

When I answer the question “What did you want to be when you grew up?” I usually say “A ballerina” because that was the lingering dream that carried me through high school. But if I’m being honest, my earliest childhood passions revolved around teaching and writing.

Photo by Jay Mantri via Used with permission.

I really did work with my childhood best friend Lasha to make our siblings do home grown summer school, and I have notebook upon notebook of stories and narrative snippets.

It’s a little shocking, now as a writer and university teacher, to realize that I made my half-pint Shawna dreams come true to a certain extent. Granted, I’m not teaching elementary grades, nor am I (yet) writing adventure fiction. But I’ve gotten a lot closer to childhood dreams than I would gather many people do.

Pretty cool!


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