To selfie or not to selfie

They’re supposedly related to narcissism and insecurity. I’ve read about people taking selfies at funerals*, during sex, with a zebra, while crashing a plane, and doing just about anything else you can imagine.

NaBloPoMo May 2015’s theme is Photo. Here’s me and 15-year old Goliath,
the toothless wonder. Pictured: two of his five remaining teeth.

Me, I don’t mind the occasional self-snap, especially with cute friends (see left) or to commemorate big events (e.g., “Tooth freedom” day) and achievements (like that time I flew several hours by myself during my solo cross-country).

But selfies for their own sake? Like most things, with moderation is probably fine. But I’m not always comfortable doing it.

For instance, at last summer’s #BlogHer14 conference, I tried to participate in the “Selfiebration” contest. This involved taking selfies at various stations and locations, and posting on social media, like a selfie scavenger hunt.

Only, can I tell you how awkward it is to snap photos of yourself repeatedly in front of strangers, even when they are also doing the same? I found the sensation so off-putting, I gave up on the contest midway through and went back to snapping pictures of other people (like Kerry freaking Washington and Jenny Lawson).

Then again, I’m the person who’s snapped pictures of herself during an emergency landing, in the back of a cop cruiser (on the way to be a WITNESS, by the way), with a giant kale, donating blood, flying, wrenching on airplanes, graduating, etc., so what can I say?

Yours in selfie solidarity,

*Which apparently has a Tumblr. Wow.

NaBloPoMo May 2015

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