The best laid plans

I envisioned waking up after an extra hour of sleep, shaking off my small Halloween-candy hangover and penning my first National Blog Posting Month article. In it, I would announce the new and improved Bluest Muse site to the world(!), and then have the rest of the day to grade papers, catch up on my shows, and listen to the miraculous Sacramento rainfall.

Broken linksHA. Here’s how today turned out: WordPress hell.

I’ve been working on this new site off and on for more than a year, futzing around with migrating six years of blog content from one platform to another. I figured, there had to be an easy way to shuffle everything over. Apparently not.

Mr. T spent an entire day helping me as I fought with the site before coming to the conclusion that despite our best efforts, I would have to do most of the work by hand. Specifically, I will have to comb through thousands and thousands of links and update them individually. Fun. Times.

So, the good news: I’ve got a new, more beautiful Bluest Muse site. But most of the links don’t work. So please be kind as you poke around. It’s a work in progress!


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