61 days to ‘I do’

May 17th, what an auspicious day. My first Monday back in California. My first day back in the office for a long stretch. The first actually exciting job candidate came to interview for my job* (fingers crossed people!). And… (duh, duh, duhhhh), it’s now precisely two months until the big day.

Kind of strange to think about getting hitched in 61 days (thank you wedding registry count down thingy). School has taken such priority in my scrambled brains that I haven’t given the particulars much thought. I know who is cooking, but not exactly what we’re eating. I know there will be cupcakes, but not what flavors or who is baking. I know there will be invitations, but I sure as hell better finish designing them because I’m not sure how exactly they will turn out. Add to that, the DJ, the lights, the rehearsal, the favors, the flowers and the shoe search… apparently crunch time is upon me.

And so, my fair readers, take this as a warning that the Blue Muse may be the Bemused Bride for the next couple months. I will try not to bore you too much, but really, no promises. 😉


* As you may recall, I’ve been TRYING to go part time at work since Thanksgiving. Let’s pray this kid takes the job. She’s energetic, smart and cute as a button. Pleaseeeeeee, let me be free soon!

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