31 days until ‘The Big Day’

Thanks to my handy dandy wedding registry, I am kept apprised of how many days separate me from the poofy white dress. Although I keep a monthly countdown going (stay tuned for tomorrow’s status update Facebook friends!), it’s just now sinking in how close The Big Day* really is. And, I have to ask: ARE WE THERE YET???mawwiage_thumb1
As I type, I’m envisioning the disaster that is my livingroom. It’s covered in organza flower petals, ribbon, beads, wrapping paper, spare invitations, candles (for singing petals), bottles of bubbly, decorative glass rocks, card holders, feathers, you name it. Although it’s messy on a good day, I am so, so looking forward to reclaiming it from The Big Day preparation.

More than reclaiming, I’m ready to stop planning and do this thing. The year-long engagement was quite necessary due to my academic schedule, but it has been long enough now. Let us fast forward to “man and wife” already!

Of course, I have yet to discover my ability to manipulate time and space, so I will continue to “patiently” await July 17.

Until then, stay tuned for an organza fleur-making how-to, a recipe for “Sunday stew” and short rant about name changing.


* It amuses me how many random people use this phrase when conversing about the wedding. I keep forgetting that this will be the MOSTIMPORTANTDAYOFMYENTIRELIFE! Granted, I do think it is important, but I am less focused on the day itself–the hoopla, you know–and more on the meaning and the path it is creating for me and Mr. T. And THAT is what is most exciting!

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