Thursday 13: First year snapshot

Well, I blinked and the first year of my doctoral program is done. Someone pinch me, nothing is due today! 😉

To commemorate this fabulousness, here is a Thursday 13 snapshot of the last school year:

1. Classes Taken: Theory Construction in Communication Studies, Persuasion and Social Influence, Survey of Interpersonal Communication Theory, Negotiating Work/Life Through Communication, Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis (Ahhh!), Organizational Behavior, Independent Study Project on Physician Communication.

2. Classes Taught: Three sections of Small Group Communication, 1 section of Intro to Human Communication (assisted)

3. Number of flights home to Sacramento: 18

4. Bags of Southwest peanuts* consumed: 25+

5. Hours spent yakking to Mr. T on the phone: 63.9, approximately.

6. Pages written: 250, give or take

7. Pages read for class: 9,400, give or take (not including papers/research)

8. Hours spent working at Starbucks: Too many to count.

9. Things I liked: Meeting new people, being around other nerd types, discussing minutia that few other people in the world care about

10. Things I disliked: Classes that end at 9:40 p.m., discussing minutia that few other people in the world care about (myself included), overscheduling myself

11. Things I despised: Being away from Mr. T!, acquainting myself with the letter B.

12. Things I will change up for next year:
My filing system for articles/papers (any suggestions??), the overbooking, the amount of time spent procrastinating versus being productive (ha!)

13. Goals for next year:
To get published**, to conduct more of my own research, to run for office in student government, to get a top paper at a conference, to pick an advisor.


13.b- Pictures from this year!

Moving day and none too thrilled.


Mr. T fueling up on caffeine in Needles. I think we’d been driving for 11 hours at this point.


The beverage of choice when it’s 118 degrees on moving day.


Felt like a stranger in a strange land!


There will soon be a cactus garden at the Malvini-Redden abode.


T was a champ at the IKEA furniture putting-together.

CGSA Pumpkin Carving. The guy on the bottom row in the black shirt is my new roomie, Matt!

Yes, there is dress-up in grad school. (ha.)

Mr. T in the bowling alley, aka our office.

I really do heart cacti, in case I haven’t mentioned it 80 times already.

I figure I should at least post one school pic. This is the underground Hayden Library.

* Dear Southwest, you know that I love you. In light of that adoration, could you please bring back the honey roasted peanuts in time for my fall flights? I tire of the salted ones. Thanks!

** Or even get rejected. This goal is to get myself motivated to send out articles. They can’t say no until I send them stuff, right??

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