When the groom’s away, the bride will… work? Huh.

Mr. T and his merry menfolk are off to The City (San Francisco for you non-Norcal locals). Thanks to Facebook, I see that he’s been warned to “put on his big-boy pants” for the partying, sailing and lord-knows-what-elseing that goes with grown-up bachelor festivities. As I, too, have seen The Hangover, my only requests were for him to return with all the teeth and body parts he left with, for any stripper marriages to be non-binding, and for incriminating photos to be sent to my attention for future leverage. ha! While he’s off to play, you’d think I could get some relaxation in, right? Well NO!

Here is my maddening weekend to-do list in relative order of importance:
1. Grading. It. Never. Ends.
2. Finish M-5’s photo CD. (I swear, this will be delivered tonight!)
3. Edit interview transcripts and send to transcriptionist (Try Casting Words if you need a fab online service for a reasonable price).
4. Clean the pig sty we apparently live in. (This could easily be at the top of the list!)
5. Make fleurs! Cut, singe, cut, singe, cut, singe. At least this task can be done in front of the TV with lovely libations.
6. Do enough cardio to work off this week’s ice cream, Zelda’s pizza, and lovely libations.
7. Edit last year’s articles and submit for potential publication.
8. Create my student’s first exam.
9. Prune the front yard shrubs.
10. Design remaining wedding stationery.
11. Laundry. (Waaaaa!)
12. Start designing my fall class on relational leadership.
13. Finish putting up ads* on Craigs List.
I could go on, but 13 seems like a good start! The good news? I’m actually happy for a quiet weekend to get stuff done and organized. Knock on wood that I actually get things done and organized!
* As the wedding budget continues to expand, I’ve started looking around the house for things to sell online… I’m sure T wouldn’t miss those tools. (ha, ha, ha)

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