How did people get married before Facebook?

I just LOVE seeing the wedding pictures pop up already and I thought I’d share a few…

Me & The Marm. You can’t tell that it’s 100 degrees, can you?


My & my ladies. See what happens when you let them pick their own dresses… they look SMOKIN’, feel good and (yes, Shan, I’m going to say it) can wear the dress again! Woot!
I clean up pretty good, huh? Thank you Jared Elarmo for getting me into that damn corset. Pre-thanks for getting me back into shape after this honeymoon eating extravaganza!
Fab photographer said “Run!” This photo is 1.7 seconds before I face planted. Yes, I said face planted. In my wedding dress. Probably a highlight of the whole day. Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile! Who does that??
Trying not to cry during T’s vows. That I found out he’d written at 5:28 p.m. after forgetting his at home. Also pretty funny. Wish I could have seen the look on his face!
Our pastor totally said “You may now kiss the groom.” I love it!
Me & my grandpa
Garter toss. Check out my sparkly shoe!
MAN AND WIFE. (Please tell me you get this reference.)
One of our only regrets is that we didn’t leave the party early and avoid complete exhaustion. The benefit? Our dear friends who hauled crap to our house at 11:30 p.m. were able to capture the threshold shot for us. How cool!
At post-wedding breakfast with Shan, bridesmaid extraordinaire. She worked wedding central for four days non-stop and made the day go perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAN!
Our getaway begins!

Stay tuned for the hopscotch honeymoon…


P/S Almost all pictures by Todd Emerson. One or two by Zana Redden (I think). Thanks!

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