The honeymoon is o-v-e-r

During the last two days of our adventure, T and I joked that we were on the “Nnnn” of our honeymoon (“Huh” being Sedona, “Neee” being Oshkosh, “Oooo” being Mackinac, etc.). Well, after approximately 460 gallons of fuel, 40.6 flight hours, 19 days, 12 states, 7 B&Bs, 2 hotels, 2 visits with friends, 1 treehouse and 1 dorm, we are HOME! There are not enough superlatives to describe how utterly rad our trip was and I promise, you’ll soon see way too many pictures than you ever wanted.

Until then…
The problem with a 3-week odyssey is not only packing but unpacking. I’m up for about 6 loads of laundry today. Lord! Who knew we even had that many clothes?
Although the wedding extravaganza and honeymoon adventure are over, presents remain. Thank you again to our overly generous friends and fam!!
And lots and lots of cleaning. We *might* even put away that Christmas tree. Although who are we kidding? It’s practically time to decorate it again… I might just leave it up! 😉
After the wedding, we piled all of the decorations, leftover drinks and miscellany in our front room. Sadly, the fairies I ordered did NOT put everything away while we were gone. Waaaa.

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