Hopscotch Honeymoon Part XIII: Crashing in Colorado Springs

From Keokuk we flew southwest to Colorado Springs. Our picturesque clouds gave way to thunder and lightning storms. Although I couldn’t capture any digitally, take it from me, the lightning bolts lit up the sky. We stayed very briefly in old Colorado Springs, visiting the picturesque downtown for dinner. A delightful little place, I’d love to come back and actually explore one of these days.

Somewhere between Iowa and Kansas.
Beautiful clouds against a dark blue sky.
Lined farmland throughout Kansas.
The clouds started to darken mid-day.
Until they grew black and ominous.
We watched sheets of rain pelt down and lightning bolts strike every few minutes. T says that he saw a new color on the gps weather map: magenta.
Although we had some precip, we were lucky to avoid downpours like this directly.
We landed in Colorado Springs with no trouble despite the tumultuous skies.
Because of the weather, we were hangared for the first time on the trip. Totally housed with jets and stuff. 😉
The cold rain seemed refreshing and we pulled out long pants for the first time on our trip.
Our second-to-last B&B of the trip: The Holden House, built in 1902.
The owners decorated the home with many heirlooms and antiques from their own family including these family photos.
And this wedding gown set.
The atmosphere was really homey.
Despite the kitsch, I really loved this joint.
Of course, T fit right in, friendly to even the felines. It amuses me how they always cozy up to the people who hate cats.
We ventured to a local Italian place for a hearty meal since we skipped lunch for the second day in a row!
Oh. My. Word. This dish is literally worth writing home about. Paravincini’s award-winning calamari ala arabiatta or something like that. Enough garlic to kill a vampire with lemon and peppers and capers and olives, oh my! Get thee to Colorado Springs, you will not regret the trip!
True to form, T ordered the dish I realllyyy wanted. Absolutely to-die-for rigatoni, chicken, broccoli and mushrooms in a light white sauce. Mmmm, I will remember this dish for years to come.
My gnocchi bolognese was nothing to scoff at though. Hearty, simple and delicious.
After dinner, we found a sweet treat on our pillow.
The Aspen room was something. Scary ivy and wicker everywhere!
Cool tub though.
Breakfast was yet another egg dish, a spin on a Denver omelette. We met another newly wed couple over the meal. She was a graduate student studying French at CU Boulder. He had just come over from Benin West Africa. They spoke in a mix of French and English and told us how they plan to return to Benin to start a school and mission there.
Love the old stove.
Tea set from the innkeeper’s family.
I liked the shiny wall paper.
Inn cat.
Who really wanted my camera strap.
Holden House.
Next door home, owned by the same family.
Colorado Springs.
Saying goodbye to the L-39, our former hangar mate for the night.
Signs all over the airport said “no photographs.” Hmm.
We sat and watched jets land while waiting to take off.
T did a marvelous job negotiating a large airport.
Take off!
Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs.
The scenery turned extra gorgeous as we circled for altitude and headed into the mountains.
We climbed up to 12,500 feet.
Despite our height, the ground wasn’t far below.
I love to capture the teeny lakes among the mountains.
Concentrating and refusing to smile.
Even throughout the desolation, there are cabins and random homes here and there.
A mining town I think.
I can’t imagine who drives all the way out here! Trips over this type of country make me grateful for the settlers who made their way across via horse and covered wagon. Whoa!
I think we’re close to Crested Butte right about now.
Me and Colorado.
The cloud formations were gorgeous, of course. We even spotted a bit of snow on the mountains.
As the terrain started to change and the dirt turned crimson, I knew we were close to Utah.
We watched these clouds forming right before our eyes. The one in the upper left has a hunched over yoda-like quality, I think.

Next up: Moab, Utah!


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