Shoulda bought stock in Kleenex

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In case you wonder, the only thing worse than preparing for 24 hours worth of comprehensive exams (beginning in T-11 days) is preparing for 24 hours worth of comprehensive exams with a HEAD COLD.

I’m chugging Emergen-C like it’s going out of style, dragging a box-o-tissues where e’re I go and trying not to fall asleep at the computer. Let’s hope the spicy Tom Yum Kai that Mr. T’s bringing home clears the sinuses so I can sleep tonight.

The bright side? I did some cognitive reframing over the weekend, prior to the first sniffle and sneeze, attempting to actively change the way I think about comps. While it is a beast of a process, I don’t need to aim for Pulitzer-level writing here. PASSING is the name of the game I think. I’ll save my real fretting for dissertation land. And, since I’m playing the silver lining game, at least the sickies descended 10 days ahead of the test instead of the night before. Plenty of time to get well, right?? Let’s hope so!

I’m sucking down vitamins, water and chicken noodle soup. What are your go-to home remedies for colds? Do tell!


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