A Grateful Heart: It’s them little things that count

Despite the fact that I woke up at 4 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight today, I’m feeling quite chipper. And it’s not even the caffeine, although that’s been plentiful, too. I’m just feeling blessed this week. And you know, it’s them little things.

For instance:

  • Last week, a dear friend let me crash at her place. Not only did she refuse to let me sleep on the futon, she made me Indian tea every morning and drove me to appointments AND bought me a donut. Thank you, G!
  • When I got home from the airport on Friday, I discovered that my beloved* worked to shed a little light on my life while I was away… as in replaced dead light bulbs in the laundry room and outside our garage. Although it sounds like a little thing, it makes a huge difference to me as chief laundry lady and person who doesn’t want to run into the garage when driving home at night. Thank you, T!
Have I mentioned how much I love our grill?!


    • And then there was the utterly amazing (if I do say so myself) dinner we cooked on Saturday night. Grilled NY strips, twice baked potatoes, asparagus (not mushy for once!) and homemade ice cream. Add to that T’s handiwork in getting our Netflix disc to correctly play so we could start the next season of Dexter. (Note: We just started the season with John Lithgow. No spoilers here please!)
Thank you to my fabulous mother-in-law, M-5, for preparing “six packs” of
soil and seeds for my winter garden (and several other lucky ladies!)
  • That yumminess was followed by a ginormous rain storm in Sacramento on Monday that required me to stay inside clad in flannels, writing as droplets pelted the roof. (They may or may not have lulled me to sleep in a delicious afternoon nap. But you can’t prove it.)
  • Somehow, the rain led to a beautiful 75-degree day that I spent a part of in M-5’s green house (aka sauna) planting starter seeds for my first winter garden.
  • Sewing was followed by a 5-mile talk-and-walk with a dear friend and mentor where we devised plans not only to be wildly successful, but also to kick our health and wellness into high gear (aka Shawna will finally fit into her pants before winter sets in, I swear!)
  • And then today I found out that I got an excellent new class to teach next semester (Intro to Interpersonal Communication) in the PERFECT time slot (Wednesday evenings) which means I will only have to stay the night in Phoenix once a week next semester. Woo to the HOO! (Yes, I actually wrote that. I told you, I’m excited.)

I’m sure there are 14 more little things that I’m grateful for, but there’s a smattering off the top of my head. What are you grateful for today? Do tell.


* Husbands: Seriously, do random of acts of helping around the house. It is MORE than appreciated.

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