A grateful heart: Breathtaking sky views

Breathtaking sky views: Flying over the Rocky Mountains on the way to Denver.

In the last 10 days, I’ve traversed the country South to North, West to East and back again. Although I’m tired, damn tired, of airports, lines, security and being away from my beloved husband, home and dog, I’m so grateful for the sky views I get to glimpse on a regular basis.

Although I find the views from up high gorgeous, I’m excited to snap pics
from lower altitudes again. And by this I mean: I’m having flying

Lights, clouds, mountains, vast expanses of country and sky. I feel so lucky to see the world from various altitudes.

Of course, after the first of December and my (hopefully) last trip to Phoenix this year, I plan to be scoping out the world from much lower heights.


Day 14- Cliteracy

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