It’s not everyday someone throws a fish at you: The Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-Off

Berryessa Gap Winery Paella Cook-off.

It’s become a November tradition: Paella. More specifically, lots of paella and at the Berryessa Gap Winery Paella Cook-off.

This year we got fancy and rented a limo to haul 12 friends from Sacramento to Winters. That’s a lot of party for one automobile, let me tell you.

But the most entertaining part was me going “fishing” in four-inch patent leather heels. Scroll through the photos to see what I mean…

Limo time!
Me and Mr. T
At least Steven was paying attention!
Maybe I’m getting old, but that stretch truck limo thing was not a comfortable ride. Still a blast though.
How I wish this was a door prize!
The contest featured 12 or so local chefs. We arrived during the mass application of shell fish.
A traditional Spanish rice dish, paella features some veggies and little bits of meat (chicken, sausage, rabbit) and seafood (shrimp, mussels, scallops, calamari). I favor dishes with lots and lots of saffron.
And I “share” all of my mussels with T. Blech.
Sangria contest and wine tasting.
We strategize and send people to each corner of the room so we can get a bite of every dish.
Like so. About 8 or 9 paellas. Could barely tell them apart!
Theresa putting the moves on Deb.
While her husband, John, tries to move in on T.
A new addition this year: A couple fish-thrower guys from Pike Place Fish Market, which supplies some seafood for the event.
They tossed a codfish around the audience.
And promoted their new cookbook.
So I thought maybe I should try going fishing.
I got a minute of instruction. He asked, “You wouldn’t let a baby drop, would you?”
The key is NOT to hug the fish close to your body once you catch it.
Slimy, slimy victory.
Someone throws a fish at me and my response is love, not violence. (HA.)
Yay, me.
Corinne and Dan Martinez, winery owners and event hosts, honoring the paella champ who used squid ink and calamari to make black rice. Quite tasty!
Craig and Diane.
Steven and Lisa.
Deb, Tom and Father Jerry.
Annnd my codfish.


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