Photos: A day in Washington D.C.

When I heard the National Communication Association annual conference would be in Washington, D.C., all I thought was: “I’M VISITING THE SMITHSONIAN!” And “Woo woo academic research,” of course. Ahem.

Although I did pull some long conference-filled days including a rockin’ day-long pre-conference session on qualitative methods, a fabulous applied organizational communication panel, and a short course on qualitative data analysis, most of my down time included visiting museums and memorials.

Sadly, I had a just a few hours to explore, but with my friend Chris, we covered a fair bit of ground. AND, I will have you know, I rode the Metro at least 15 times without getting lost once. That be a miracle, people. In lieu of expounding on the joys that comprise attending an academic conference, how about some photos of a day in Washington D.C.?

The Washington Monument, the most phallic of monuments. We discovered that the construction was to repair damage from a small earth quake a few years ago.
Chris and I ventured out to the Smithsonian museums on a brisk November day. Very brisk.
Despite the dreary skies and frigid temps, I thoroughly enjoyed the Fall colors.
A really awesome building I couldn’t identify.


How I will likely organize our backyard redesign. Topiary for-eva! (This is a reading check for Mr. T)
An art installation outside of the Smithsonian castle.
The Smithsonian is comprised of a bunch of different museums. As a bad avgeek, I must confess we did not make it to the Air and Space Museum.
Inside the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. As ever, taxidermy freaks me out.
Love, love loved seeing small fries checking out art and science together.
Walruses are huge, FYI.
Hand blown glass germs. As in cholera, flu and bubonic plague.
I told Chris I’d give him money to scale the giant blue whale but he turned me down. Apparently a few bucks is not enough.
Chris treated me to a Butterfly Habitat visit.
I’ve seen a couple habitats like this before, but nothing with such an abundance of butterflies.
Of course, me being a bug-a-phobe, I had to keep my hands in my pockets and resist the urge to swat as they flew towards me.
Hot pink body!
If academia doesn’t pan out, Chris and I are starting a butterfly farm and photography business.
This sucker was at least 5-6 inches wide.
One of only 3-4 photos from the American History museum. Last time I visited, we enjoyed a bunch of pop culture exhibits and memorabilia. This go-round, half the museum was under construction and most exhibits featured wars from various eras. Cheery.
Aside from Harry’s robes, I enjoyed seeing a 30 x 40 foot flag constructed in 1815.
Cool historical buildings litter the D.C. landscape.
Proof of the nerd work. A could-be-candid-but-not photo from our qualitative data analysis short course.
When I was here 10 years ago, they were just getting started on the World War II Memorial.
I forgot how far apart the memorials/monuments are spaced.
The Dwight D. Eisenhower executive office building which is adjacent to the WEST WING of the White House. Having just started the series on Netflix, I kept looking for President Barlet and CJ.
Dropped in on the Obamas, like you do.
At the White House. Some day I’ll get the tour. 10 years ago, it was still closed post-9/11 and this visit, tours were still cancelled due to sequestration. Bah.
U.S. Treasury Department. Would’ve liked to see the money!
Back side of the White House. Not pictured: The CHRISTMAS TREES across the lawn.
Chris and the Lincoln Memorial.
View from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, looking across to the Washington Monument.
Me and my favoritist monument.
Monsieur Lincoln.
The Gettysburg Address.
Update: I’d originally marked this as the Emancipation Proclamation. Thanks to reader Amy for letting me know it’s actually Lincoln’s second inaugural address. Oopsies.
Korean War Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial at dusk. We saw school groups and a wedding party.
“Defacing” public art. Ahem.
The Capitol building!!
One of my regrets this visit: Not touring the Capitol. Last time, that was one of my favorite memories.


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