Thirdsgiving and other things

Something I learned today: Zumba is incredibly difficult when you have gravy coursing through your veins. Like me, this week.

We just finished “Thirdsgiving”–our third Thanksgiving meal in four days. It’s the price of being well loved I guess.

Despite the extended fullness and utterly predictable my-pants-don’t-fit whining, I feel incredibly blessed. Huge thanks to the chefs, and all of our family and friends who helped celebrate.
And of course, a few snaps:

First Thanksgiving

Marm’s beautiful table. We enjoyed the “crackers” aka glitter bombs with small presents, crowns and trivia inside.
Caramel apple pie, if you please.
Me and “little” brother Joshua.
Eric John, not thrilled to be posing.
Tim and Marm.
Ray-dad and Mom-5.
Tiff and Carl.
Charming, as always.
Meena could use a Grumpy Pug meme.

Second Thanksgiving

In case you wonder what a 30-pound turkey looks like.
Legs that wouldn’t be out of place at Medieval Times.
Master carver, Lisa.
Lovely tablescape and handmade name tags by Miss Claire.
Todd enjoying affections from his auntie.
Pre-dinner conversation and apparently the end of my photography for the evening!
Yours truly got the carcass. Soup’s on!


I’m telling you, Grumpy Pug. She could be famous.
B, Marm and Meena.
Me and Manda.
Forlorn Meena.
B and LJ who is apparently not pleased that I keep teasing him about loving Christmas music.
Good friends.
We should be at Disneyland!
When pugs attack.
Prime rib. It’s what’s for Thirdsgiving.
Yeah, that’s garlic. No vampires visiting our house tonight.
Heavy hangs the head…
Really wish New York and California were closer together!

Annnnd, here ends my last National Blog Posting Month post. Woo!


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