10 things I want to accomplish in the next 57 days of 2014

On the to-do list: Planting Fall flower bulbs for Spring beauty!
Picture by Aurelie Jouan via Life of Pix. Used with permission.

Want to enjoy a nice cold sweat? Think about the fact that there are only 57 days left of the year. 57. Really 56 since today is almost gone. AhhHhhHHHhhhHHHhhhhhh!

I just revisited my woefully neglected goal list for 2014 and I’m going to get but a fraction of planned goals done this year. Send one snail mail letter a week? If a batch of 75 Christmas cards count, then yes, that will get done. But taking a sewing class, tiling the bathroom, and going to the gym three times per week? Not so much. I still have time to tackle a few things though.

In no particular order, 10 things I want to accomplish before the end of 2014:

1. Read 11 more books. My original goal was to read 45 non-school books. If it gets close to the end, I might start counting children’s books. But don’t judge me too harshly, I read a bunch of Ken Follet this year and that wordy guy should count for double.

2. Take my Private Pilot written exam. I’ve got all of my requirements done for my private pilot’s license (woohoo!) save for the exam and lots of polishing.

3. Submit my main dissertation article for publication. Been dragging my feet on this for eons. Blergh. Condensing lit reviews is not my forte!

4. Sew Christmas pillows. Since my Roz Halloween costume did not pan out (boo!), I am the chagrined owner of a plus size wedding gown and a large swath of fabric from Goodwill. Rather than re-recycle, I’m going to get a jump on one of my 2015 goals: learning how to use the sewing machine that’s languished in the closet for the last four years. The pillows will be white and I’m thinking of making red snowflakes accented with sparkly beads (torn from the wedding dress bodice, of course).

5. Try 15 new recipes. My ambitious goal was to try 75 new recipes in 2014. So far I’ve made +/- 30. I figure I can get in 15 more before the end of the year.

6. Make lemon meringue pie. How hard can it be?!

7. Ice skate in Central Park. As it happens, we’ll be in New York between Christmas and New Year’s (that’s a story for another post). I really, really, really, really, really want to ice skate in Central Park like you see in the movies. My luck it will be blizzarding when we’re there, but still, it’s something I definitely could do before the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

8. Plant flower bulbs in the backyard. Spring beauty takes pre-planning and I’m aiming to get my bulbs in the ground in the next couple weeks.

9. Finish my book proposal and send it out to agents. I was hellbent on having my book project buttoned up by September 1st. Oh the sweet ambitious naivete of Summer plans…

10. Find a meaningful full time job. More a prayer than a goal, I’m hoping against hope that my latest round of job hunting is successful. Please do cross your fingers, light a candle, pray, send good juju into the universe. I would appreciate it!

Anything special you want to get done before the end of the year?


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