Six years in the blogosphere: The Blue Muse in review

Seems like just yesterday that I typed my Maiden Voyage post, launching the Blue Muse on August 3, 2009 as a mechanism to share my split-state doctoral journey. Now 882 posts later, I’m reflecting on where I started (sweet, picture-less commentaries on life between Sacramento and Cactus Land) and where I am now (diversifying into not one, not two, but three separate blog spaces).

Rather than yammer about this most interesting ride, I’ll share some highlights. First, six of the most popular posts of all time. And then some of my favorites posts from throughout the years. Enjoy!

Top 6 Posts:

1. DIY wedding fleurs: How to make organza flowers and bouquets

A how-to for handcrafted organza bouquets, wreaths and more.

2. Dos and don’ts of dissertation writing (or really, any big writing project)

3. Southwest Flight 812: I prefer my plane without a sunroof, thanks

4. “Interesting,” the most overused word in academia and perhaps, the world

5. Braving Bikram: What I learned about hot yoga, day 1

6. Back in the teaching saddle and loving it!


P/S Some of my favorite posts over the years…

Ode to the Reno Air Races

Shawna’s Wedding Manifesto, aka the guide to anti-bridezilla-ness

A stinky start to 2010 aka Goliath’s worst day ever 

A wedding in 13+ frames

Confessions, volume 1

“You’re kissing me on purpose.” Laughter, the key to a happy marriage and life

“Get your $*** done”: Reflections on a social media moratorium

Alaska Adventures: Incredible Glacier Bay

Things you must know about EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh

You can call me Doctor Blue Muse

Fly Girl in Training: On flying completely solo for the first time

I didn’t care about Trayvon until Ferguson: Why we need more empathy in America

An airplane fairy with Cessna wings

Coming to terms with my seasonal selves

The mailbox clam shell mystery

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