Happy links, in case you need a break from politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting minutes until the election ends so that for better or worse, at least my social media and mailbox won’t be bursting with political ads (for awhile anyway). If you’re looking for a break from politics, may I recommend some serious cuteness, coolness, and hilarity?

Four-year old befriends elderly man. Overwhelming cuteness ensues. Sniffled my way through this one, but in a good way.

Image by Tara Wood.

Bodybuilders trying ballet for the first time. This former ballerina couldn’t stop giggling.


B-29 Doc performs high speed flight. One of two airworthy B-29s in the whole world. SO COOL.


Baby bird at the beach being cute. Pixar’s new short, Piper, is DARLING.


Hilarious dog snapchats.



nablopomo 2016

National Blog Posting Month 2016
– November 1: Talking feminism and controlling my face. Kinda.
– November 2: My patronus is a class of budding feminists
– November 3: The Cubs won! And other things on my mind.
– November 4: Magical thinking never works. Also: I hate cancer.
– November 5: Emotional states of a last-minute conference submission.

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