Emotional states of a last-minute conference submission

One of the most painful post-graduate school realizations is that procrastination doesn’t magically heal itself and homework NEVER GOES AWAY.

Case in point: Today’s conference paper deadline. That I’ve been planning for for six months. With the paper that I started working on in earnest a few weeks ago. That I finished with just two hours before submissions closed. Good lord.

In case you want to know what it feels like… I present, the emotional states of last-minute conference paper submissions:

Coffee. Five days before the deadline. Paper needs to be 25 pages. It’s currently 32 with no conclusion.



Chocolate. Three days before the deadline. The paper has ballooned to 38 pages. Still no conclusion. Contemplating my life choices as a qualitative methodologist.


It-will-never-end-itis. Down to 30 pages with 27 hours to go.

Photo credit.

Sugar rush writing. Six hours to go, four pages to lose, one conclusion to write. Fueled by leftover Halloween candy.


Done. BUT NOT. Working on references and realizing there’s no abstract or catchy title.

Photo credit.

Submitted! Nap time.


your friendly neighborhood procrastinator who promises to reform but probably won’t

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