Taking stock of 2018

We spent part of New Year’s day with a dozen people piled in a busted pick-up truck, rumbling down a winding 4-wheel-drive-only path in the middle of nowhere. The entire ride, I clutched Mr. T with a death grip, praying no one would bounce out and break their neck. When we got to our destination—Papakōlea green sand beach—I was glad we made the trek.

Papakōlea green sand beach
Papakōlea’s green sand (hard to see in these images) is caused by olivine crystals that come from the Big Island’s volcanoes.

We enjoyed one of the most beautiful (and windy!) vistas with a panorama of ocean, green sand, and unexpected rolling hills. We ventured on further to South Point, the southern most tip of Hawaii (and the United States!), where we watched crazies leap 40 feet off the cliff, and then climb its face using a rickety, rusty ladder. (The visual is very Cliffs of Insanity for my Princess Bride loving friends.)

It felt more than a little magical to stand in a gorgeous, incredibly remote, sacred place to celebrate the coming of a new year.

South Point, Hawaii, also known as Ka Lae, is the southernmost point in the United States and way, way, way off the beaten path. An incredible place to spend New Year’s day!

It did mean that I didn’t get to write my annual new year’s goal post, however! (I know how you love an abrupt subject change). I ended up penning my plans on our red-eye home, reflecting on my typical categories related to self-improvement/hobbies, home improvement, nerd work, and marriage. Yes, of course, I have my full spread sheet going. Like 2017 though, I decided to concentrate on 3-5 main goals—the 2018 must-haves—in addition to my dozens of other little projects. (Never you mind that half of them are the things I didn’t get finished last year. But whatever.)

With 2018 half gone, I’m pleased to report that not only did I submit my book proposal (goal number one!), I scored an agent who is currently shopping it to publishers (OMG OMG OMG, fingers and toes crossed). And just a couple days ago, I finally finished a way, way, way overdue article revision that’s been weighing down my soul (more on both of those things soon).

I’m feeling close on two other big goals: getting Walter all the way potty trained and reading 45 non-school books. I’m not going to provide a glowing report about my favorite leaky dog, because every time I do, he makes a puddle just to spite me. But, things are encouraging on the housebreaking front. And as I’m currently in the middle of books 40 and 41, I’m feeling confident that the reading goal will be beat and then some. (I’m a little bitter at having gotten but three books shy of my goal last year.)

The biggest plans for the next six months? Choosing a contractor and revamping our bathroom (moldy carpet be gone!), getting checked out in a new plane or two, and blogging once a week. So it is written, so it shall be done.

What will you be up to for the second half of 2018?


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