The pretty things I see while lost

A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directional skills.

I swear, it’s not a real visit to a big city unless I get lost on public transit. And today’s first adventure in Chicago on my own was no different.

I was so proud of myself for catching the bus on time, and even though I accidentally got off one stop too early, I thought: Hey look at you, you’re doing public transit almost by yourself. (Yeah, my sister and favorite tour guide was giving me google map pictures of the route, but whatever)

And then I hopped on the train and went the correct direction! (No mean feat for me.)

And I left the train station and walked out to see the hotel I was looking for, right across from the train. Except for it was the wrong Hilton. Ahem. There are apparently a dozen Hiltons in this town!

So I mapped the route to the correct joint and started walking thinking “Oh it can’t be too far.” Except that it was forever. And after walking a couple miles (in high heeled boots, for the record) and turning into a California popsicle, I thought it best to hail a cab.

But. I got to see the above gorgeous view of Chicago. Sometimes I love the things I see while lost.


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