Gratitude Tree

Having covered Fall themes with my Squirrel and Halloween Trees, I struggled with the plan for November. Should it be my favorite things? Disney? Something family related? Should I skip it because November is one of the craziest months of the year for academics?

In the end, I went with a gratitude motif. What am I most grateful for? Food.

Christmas tree covered with food paintings
Most of my very favorite foods. Credit to Geeta for the inspiration! 

Hear me out. In addition to being the way millions of us have coped with the pandemic, I’ve always felt grateful for the way food brings people together. Some of my most favorite memories are from holiday meals. Not just the food itself (although hello, I’m lucky to have such good cooks in my world), but the care and love that goes into a big meal. Some of my favorite ways to show love are through cooking and baking, through sharing exquisite meals with dear ones, through talking recipes and techniques, through exchanging treats with friends and neighbors (ask me about our pandemic baked goods doorbell ditch program!).

And yes, I’m grateful for the eating, of course!

Christmas tree decorated with paintings of food
Okay yes, this is mainly an ode to junk food and you should absolutely read meaning into the scale of items. My love for pie and pasta knows no bounds!
Christmas tree with food decorations
Props to Target for an excellent selection of food ornaments this year. The sushi and butter stick are my fave.
Christmas tree with food decoration
Note: There would be far more popcorn if certain houndlets of my acquaintance weren’t also obsessed with it.


P/S I’m taking suggestions for January’s tree, which will give me a full dozen in the collection before the tree comes down for the first time since 2019!

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