Pretending I like the #NCA15 conference hotel

While waiting 30 minutes in line for coffee this morning (yes, seriously. And yes, it was worth it to prevent a headache), I got to thinking about the pros and cons of having a large communication conference in a small, old casino.

Work conference
Try explaining to 100 undergrads that your annual work conference is in Las Vegas. I got a lot of “Ohhh, you’re going to a ‘conference'” last week.

I’ve been especially cranky about the accommodations for the National Communication Association convention this year.

My top three gripes about the Rio? The smoke. The outrageous price of food. And the smoke. It’s difficult to concentrate and feel like doing scholarly things when my eyes, nose, and throat burn, and I can’t stop coughing. And don’t get me started about the $5 black coffee, $18 egg breakfasts, and $20 wilted salads. Or the incessant sound of slot machines.

While impatiently awaiting my Christmas Blend this morning, I did notice something however: I was seeing a lot of familiar faces thanks to the, er, intimate environment. Our conference is normally spread out through two large hotels, and as a consequence, I sometimes feel anonymous and disconnected. For better or worse, this conference is smooshing us all together. I hope this means lots of opportunities for good connections.

Then again, I’m also an introvert sitting in her hotel room typing a blog post to avoid the throngs of people, so we’ll see.


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