So long #NCA15

Sitting at McCarran Airport, trying to ignore the slot machine lights whirling, swirling, and blinking in my periphery, I’m pretty sure that four and a half days in Vegas is three and a half days too many.

Conference over

Survived (and mostly enjoyed) the 101st annual National Communication Association convention this week. It was busy and smokey, but ended with a bang.

The final day started with incredible pastries and conversation at Giada, and the last few hours involved catching up with most of my favorite communication ladies over pizza. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends and colleagues.

Giada pastries
If you’re in Vegas, breakfast at Giada is a must! The Italian chicken and waffles was a definite winner.

Still, I’m SO EXCITED to get home to fresh air and Mr. T and quiet and fresh air and Goliath and fresh air.


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